E-licenser question

I recently went into e-licenser control panel and WOW… turns out I don’t have 1.
Why is this?
I have a purchased Cubase 5.
everything was fine before the new year sometime.
I do not connect my recording computer online verymuch.
My software of cubase 5 is working properly.
But why?? is a message popping up that says…
" The app. failed to initialize properly ( 0x0000005)"
when I try and open Control Centre
This is bothering me very much…

I did notice a new version of eLCC .(found by searching)
DO I NEED TO download this?? if so, why was I not notified of this change?
Being I have given steinberg approx.
$1,000.00 to date…

I was also NOT notified of your forum re-arranging
This is very time consuming trying to figure this out.\I do have better things to do with my time than trying to learn about your changes.

Contact support in your country.

obtain and install the latest version of elicenser software


Always good advice.

Yes, this what in figured ( download new one )

I download new one and it still gives me the same error message.
Must the old 1 be deleted first? shouldn’t have to be…?
What really erks me is why weren’t the purchasers of Steinberg’s products informed of this change?

So, obviously I need some installation help. Am I going about it the wrong way?

How dare they…
I wonder, how all the other people did find out about all of this…? For $ 1,000.00 they should send someone to your house, to deliver the notification personally… :unamused:

Hi demo-dawg,

Have you tried connecting the USB-eLicenser to another USB-port and then opening the eLC?

Maybe you can try uninstalling eLicenser software by removing the driver and associated application and then re-installing.

The license is not gone, it is impossible to delete them unless they are trial.


Actually, I’d say he has a slight point. Seeing as we’re all on email here I would have liked to have had an email saying that the old site is going to be turned off. I was lucky because I found out 3 days before it happened and I had time to get my PM messages off. Infrequent visitors probably weren’t.


ah guys, don’t worry about infrequent visitors as me…
I’ve found out very fast, after not being able to login anymore, that something was different with the forum, and then the clear logo change “Archive” and message below the logo made everything clear :wink: confusion factor: 0.01% and time-loss: 15 sec.
OK. perhaps some may be slower, but guys, don’t get afraid of changes, we do the same when composing music :wink:

So back to the elicenser question I cannot answer :wink:
I usually get the error that no license is found. i switch the USB port and reinstall the app if that doesn’t help. Until now this has always brought the licenser working again…


problem resolved after on-phone and online support.
Thanks sooooo much Lindsay Warner from Toronto division…