E-Licenser question

I bought an E-Licenser to demo Cubase 7.5 and liked it. I purchased Cubase 8 pro after it released and instead of using the dongle that came with it I used the same one I used to demo the DAW the first time. So now I have an extra unused Licenser just sitting around. Since I have a second dongle I figured I could use it as a back-up in case I ever lose the one I actively use. I’ve been saying so many good things about Cubase to a friend of mine he wanted to demo it too. My question is if it’s possible to let him use my blank never been used E-Licenser to demo it and wipe it clean when he’s done so that I can still use it later as a back-up Dongle if I were to lose mine or is it useless to me once he uses it?

It is not that simple. You cannot use a licencer as a backup. In case of a lost, stolen or broken eLicencer you have to go to SZDT: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/steinbergzerodowntime.html to transfer your licence. This is to prevent unauthorized copies of your licence.
Hope this is usefull.


That’s fine…If you load a demo license on the dongle, it will not affect your being able to use it in future.

That’s not correct. You can only use the same license on one eLicenser at a time. You can transfer a license to another dongle, but not copy. You’re backup is on My Steinberg. Only if you break ore lose a eLicenser key, you have to go to SZDT, Steinberg Zero Downtime. I think that’s fair in my opinion. If you have a second dongle, keep it, just in case…


That’s not correct.

In what way isn’t it correct?

The dongle will be just as useable after having a demo license on it as it was before having the demo on it…whether that is to load the ZDT license or a replacement full license sent from Steinberg…so as I said

it will not affect your being able to use it in future.

Question 1: No you can’t backup a license to a second dongle. But you can use a second dongle as backup to #1.
Question 2: Sure you can lend out the unused second one to a friend for temporary demo use.
@Merels, Question 1 was only assumed by you, not asked by the OP.

Some confusion going on here…
You can lend your spare dongle to your friend so he can get his own trial license on that dongle. There USED to be a limit of one trial license on each dongle though. Once expired, the trial license will remain on the dongle to prevent multiple trials on the same dongle. Additionally, there should be a 25 hour all applications license on the dongle that came with Cubase that will run anything for 25 hours. I recommend saving that though for emergencies.

Thanks everybody. What I meant was to use the second dongle as a back up to the first one. I didn’t mean to backup the dongle onto another dongle. I just wanted to be sure I could still use it that way even if he uses it to demo cubase. I really think he’ll enjoy cubase so I’m pretty happy I can introduce him to it.

Yes, but you can’t “wipe it clean” when he is done. The expired trial license will remain on there and that dongle can’t be used again for that same trial. For example, my dongle has several expired licenses on it such as Groove Agent 4, etc. but they don’t hurt anything. You will still be able to use that dongle as a spare when he is done with it.

thanks I’m not concerned with the trial version as I’ve paid for the full version.