e-licenser 'Remaining Time' became a lot shorter after installing Cubase Pro 10!

Hi, I am really worried about the fact that the e-licenser remaining time became 14 hours 57 minutes from 18 hours 16 minutes after installing Cubase Pro 10!

Why take all these hours from my ‘Zero Down Time’ from me after I purchased the upgrade license and activated it?

What happens now if God forbid, my USB dongle gets damaged or something? :open_mouth:

Can anyone tell me if I am missing something?


I don’t understand why do you see “Remaining Time” at all? Common retail license is unlimited. You should see this only with some trial or time-limited (NFR) licenses.

Hello, thank you for answering. Well, I see that under the ‘‘All Applications’’ section in the e-licenser. I hope you understand what I mean. It was 18 h 21 min before I installed and activated Cubase pro 10. But within a few hours, it is now at 14 h 54 min.


Why do you have “All Applications” license? This one is available only on the very new USB-eLicenser. But you should activate your real Cubase license. So bellow the “All Applications” you should see your Cubase 10 license and then just ignore the “All Applications” license.

I’m having this problem but Cubase 10 isn’t showing up under Licenses under All Applications. I bought & downloaded the upgrade. No USB license info.

Apart from „buying and downloading the upgrade“, you also need to download the license.

Can you tell me where? There’s no way to do so in the new Cubase Download application.


In the eLicenser Control Center application. Click to the Enter Activation Code button and enter the code. If you don’t have Activation Code yet and you have a Download Access Code, login to your MySteinberg account and get the Activation Code by using the Download Access Code.

The whole process is described in the Steinberg Helpcenter.

First, if the USB dongle dies or is lost, the “All Applications” license goes with it… :confused: (unless you move it to a different USB eLicenser).
Second, if it does happen, you use the ACTUAL Zero Down Time procedure.

I’m using the USB dongle, it’s fine - asknet.com is just not responding.


It’s the same for both Soft-eLicenser and USB-eLicenser. You need an Activation Code at the end. But it might happen, you got a Download Access Code or a Serial Number. This article might help.

Noted with thanks.