[e-licenser] Soft e-licenser not recognized

Hello everyone,

I recently bought cubase 9.5 EE and I would like to use the activation code on my laptop’s hard drive (soft e-licenser) but I cannot select it from the list, it does not allow me to do it. (attached picture)

I tried to uninstall the elicenser software, I removed the soft e-licenser and made another one and there is still the error. I’ve been researching for hours on the web with no answers and the steinberg’s support is horrible to me: I could not find any email address to make a request.

Do you have any ideas to help me?

Thank you a lot

Hello, since a recent windows 10 update I got this : soft-elicenser doesn’t have enought permissions to run properly… I instal the new version of elicenser but I have this message …