e-licenser v6.3.4.2082

I have had to rebuild my computer after a hard disk crash and installed the latest e-licenser v6.3.4.2082 software.

It does not display the software e-licenser object and as such, I can’t identify/copy the soft e-licenser serial number that I need to re-activate my Cubase AI5 license.

Any suggestions on how to obtain soft e-licenser serial number?

Regards… Otto

You shouldn’t have installed the latest eLCC until after you had gotten the # from the version that came on the disk.

Send an e-mail to info @ steinberg . de explaining the situation and they’ll sort it.

Thanks for your response. I have sent the e-mail as you have suggested - Hopefully I will get a reply soon.

Cheers… Otto

Al Sorted. Thanks for your advice mashedmitten.

Regards… Otto