e-liscencer no longer working

hi everyone, ive just got a new computer built and have moved my hard drive over to that and now my e-liscencer doesnt work.i try to reactivate in my steinberg account but im having no luck. what should i do??


  1. Install the latest eLCC version.

  2. What Cubase (license) do you have? Cubase Pro/Artist or Cubase Elements/LE/AI? Do you jse USB- or Soft-eLicenser?

  3. Is there USB- or Soft-eLicenser Number visible in the eLicenser Control Center application?

  4. Which step of Reativation doesn’t work to you?

Hi Martin,

  1. Done
  2. Cubase elements 8
  3. soft e-Licencer number is visible in the eLCC app
  4. I cannot get a new e-Licencer number

Do you run your eLCC as an Administrator?

Btw: It seems, the Soft-eLicenser number is deactivated. Do you know why, and how does this happend?

I did try that but it was the same. and I have no idea why its deactivated.
although I tried running Cubase as Admin and it opened fine. so I shall carry on like that


so i still havent recieved a reply from steinberg about why this happened and although i can run cubase in admin, im not sure if i purchase a new VST it will work. does anyone know what i could do to reactivate my e-licenser?

What activation code are you trying to put in…Did you request a new one?

I think the correct process for this would have been to deactivate your licence on the old machine and request a new activation code for the new one.

Possibly you can still just request a new activation if your licence says it’s deactivated?

More info here:


hi grim,
yeah i tried all of that but i didnt know to deactivate before changing machine.

Hi there!

I need some help!!! I have bought a new mac mini, i have installed cubase 8 artist than a saw that not works. i have the same problem. There was a windows on my old computer. i have an usb elicencer, but i dont know what need to do now… please help. i have already added the eliscencer to mysteinberg acc. how can i request a new activation code?

Please help…


If you already activated your Cubase Artist on the old PC, you can just plug the USB-eLicenser to the new computer and use your Cubase Atist. The license is stored on the USB-eLicenser.

If you didn’t activated the license yet, open eLicenser Contorl Center application, click to the Enter Activation Code and follow the instructions, please.