E-mail saying: Verify your pending license

Hello there.

Today I recieved an e-mail saying: Verify your pending license
In 14 day(s) your Cubase Pro 13 will stop working.

Pending license?
1: I have paid to use the license,
2: I have paid for many other licenses in the past.
3: The Cubase 12 version I could barely use at all because the E-licenser stopped working.

My conclusion is that I think this is totally unfair and needs a solution.

The detrimental factor in all of this is that we have also bought a lot and set up a lot of costly equipment as well to specifically work with Cubase 13.

So I wanna ask, is it possible to manually validate licenses or something? Because for now I have a lot of serials, and a E-licenser system that I cannot get to work.

I had earlier versions of Cubase that was registered with that E-licenser system, but that system hasn’t been working for a very long time, I have tried replacing USB-Dongle and everything but to no avail.

When the news got out that we could get Cubase Pro 13 by upgrading without needing to use this difficult impossible E-licenser system I bought the Cubase Pro upgrade from Cubase 11 Pro. As I have been upgrading Cubase since at least the time of Cubase 7 Pro to 11 pro.

So now because of this E-licenser ‘‘In 14 day(s) your Cubase Pro 13 will stop working’’?

I am posting here because I need to bring the problem forward, and to me this is absolutely a problem if Cubase will stop working in 14 days, especially when the system we are asked to activate with is not even working.

Since Cubase 12 the licensing is no longer using the eLicenser. You need to start the Activation Manager to activate the License.

In order to apply the upgrade to your existing license, you actually need (one time) access to your USB dongle because the license system wants to check if you own a proper upgradeable version which will then be upgraded to Cubase 11.5. It will also be marked as “not upgradeable” to prevent additional upgrades of the same license. Once upgraded, Cubase 13 no longer needs the dongle but is activated using the Activation Manager.

If your dongle is broken and you can’t locally move its contents to a new one, you probably need to request a Zero Downtime license and replace the broken dongle:

Thanks for checking this topic.

Currently USB dongle gets found in E-Licenser software, but just seems to be completely empty. The dongle in E-Licenser also seems to have a Red Blocked symbol over itself.

And at the bottom message saying : Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license.

Same issue happens when trying to add my older software to the USB dongle.
The serials are however recognized to be for their respective versions and valid, but no way to add them into the USB dongle.

Is the latest eLicenser Control Center installed on your machine and can you run the maintenance function there? This usually synchronizes the contents on the dongle with those in your MySteinberg account. You could also check whether the eLicenser ID shown in the eLCC matches the one shown on the MySteinberg page.

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If i got it right, you are trying to upgrade usb e-licenser itself. Just try to start ativation manager with inserted dongle and click to upgrade or activate cubase.