E-MU 1212m Direct Monitoring

Does anyone know if there is a known issue with Direct monitoring in Cubase 6.01 ?

If I enable direct monitoring in Cubase Asio device setup, insert a Asio Direct Monitor send/return into my PatchMix input strip, arm the cubase track and enable the monitor button, I expect to hear zero latency signal from my speakers.

The actual outcome is that no signal is being returned to the direct monitor return in PatchMix and I hear nothing.

If I disable direct monitoring in Cubase, I can hear the input signal on the cubase main output with the inevitable output latency.

Any ideas would be welcome.



Also try here. http://www.productionforums.com/viewforum.php?f=114 should get you to the Emu section.

Are you sure that you have loaded the right Patchmix template for the job?

Forget Direct Monitoring. PatchMix is waaaay more flexible, you can set up FX like reverb just for monitoring… Just use PatcMix to set up monitoring. I used 1820m, and whenever tracking, I would monitor from PatcMix directly (monitor button disabled in Cubase) - it is like working with external mixer - only that in this case mixer is within same computer as Cubase.
If input is getting into PatchMix, you can send it out, no matter what Cubase is doing (or not doing). Set monitoring with Cubase closed - when you hear input nicely, then fire up Cubase, and don’t use Monitor button.