"e" window to show Audio out, not MIDI parameters

I brought this subject before and will not die before I see it in Cubase.

You guys know, when you select an audio track and click the “e” button, the Channel settings pops up. Then you go to another track, and the Channel settings window follows your selection to the newly selected track. (If you have your project and mixer synced)

So far so good and so practical…

But if you select a midi track (tied to a rack instrument), the same window now shows the MIDI inserts/sends, instead of the VST instrument’s audio settings which would make sense. :unamused:

For external Midi, it surely must be the way it is. But for the rack instrument, the audio output is much more important.

So, to sum up :

On one side, we have Channel settings for MIDI that you can put Midi inserts, Midi sends, Midi volume.
On the other side, there’s the Channel settings for Audio output for that track, which has way more usage benefit. (you can insert your Audio FX plugins, control your Audio Sends, you have the EQ and channel strip and routing and everything!!!)

You decide… I mean let Steinberg decide :slight_smile:



thanks for the support.


How about an option in the preferences? :wink:


+1 for an option in preferences.

+1 please


Yes. And/or we could have both alternatives at the same time, using a modifier key (Shift or Alt) to alternate between them. The preference option could say which one is preferred, and the modifier key gives the other alternative.

EDIT: misunderstood the request; this suggestion is for the e-button in the track header.


Under “t” key I have “open editor” command. It’s annoying to have to deal with midi settings of a midi track, instead of audio channel of an instrument.

Hi Starsprinkler. I edited the topic to better explain what I wanted to achieve.

In fact clicking on the correct “e” button will always bring the desired window to the screen. (midi or audio)

What is currently not available is having that window open all the time, and always show Channel Settings for the audio output… i.e. not switch between midi / audio depending on the track selected.

With this implemented, there will be even less use for mix console. (Also people who want to use Cubase in compact environments, such as laptops will benefit.)


Ah, yes, in the inspector. I was here thinking of the e-button in the track header (it will open midi).
But I now see that was not your request.

UPDATE: Today I bought the CMC-CH. And I am sad to report that when you’re on a midi track of a rack instrument, CMC-CH fader shows and controls MIDI volume! Nooo… not again… :open_mouth:

So when I’m on a midi track, I always see the fader at the bottom, since there’s no volume input as midi. (which by the way, belongs to an era where we were using ancient midi gear)

I feel like somebody has pointed a gun to my head saying “From now on you’ll never use a rack instrument! We hate them… and so will you !!




This proposition would complement nicely my suggested merger of audio outputs and MIDI tracks:


+1 to option in Preferences