Each midi note a step in alternate tunings note entry?

Hi Daniel and the team.

Would it be possible in some future update to have a setting where each midi note entered is a step in whatever tuning you’ve specified? This would give us a way to enter in each pitch value instead of entering in 12 tone pitches and adding custom accidentals.

So in 24 EDO you’d play C, C#, D, D#, E and it would input C, C 1/2 #, C#, D 1/2 b, D.
You’d need to specify a starting pitch, but this way you could enter in all the pitches on a keyboard even if they didn’t sound as you’d expect.


One way is to use alt-shift up/down arrow to change the pitch a quarter tone up/down. In combination with r to repeat a note it’s pretty fast. Enter C, press r, alt-shift up arrow, r again etc…


Thanks for the suggestion, John. We’ve had this suggestion before, and although it’s not something we are actively working on at the moment, I think it’s a possibility for the future.

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I’m sure I could try that keystroke combo, but working other tunings, like 19 EDO or 31 EDO would be so much faster if you can input each pitch individually. Glad Daniel says its under consideration.