Each time i select a track it moves the pan left 2 clicks

I had this problem in cubase 11 and now also in 12. every channel I touch change its position from center to l2! I can pan every where else but when I pan to the center its jump back to l2
please help

Check if you have an automation point on the pan automation lanes. If there are none, hold ctrl + click on the pan pot and it will return to C (the default position). There is no reason at all why you shouldnt be able to pan to C…which is the default position in any case, except there is an automation point drawn maybe accidentally on that lane…also untick the “R” “Read Automation” on that track if it’s highlighted, and you should be able to pan to C. Goodluck.

thanks for your replay
its not the automation, its on all projects regardless if there is automation or not

I think the problem is random midi messages that i get from one of my controllers but i cant find which

In the meantime, you may filter the incoming CC that is of concern (see MIDI - MIDI Filter).