Earliest version of Wavelab I can download and use with Wavelab 10, 11 license please

I am finding Wavelab 11 is working against me too much and I pang for the earlier versions of Wavelab. I am finding Wavelab 11 extremely un-intuititive.

There are too many issues that dont work for me in the new generation Wavelabs. I have spent hours trying to work round some of the issues which in the end become limitations to my workflow.
One example, ‘Select from left locator to end…to start’ seems to be missing…
No arrow pointer, to move data with the mouse!? What the??
Wavelab is slugish at times to play the wave, despite using all Steinberg gear ie my soundcard is a UR28M and I use the CC121. After loading it wont play , sometimes up to a minute before it starts.
The Master Section, sometimes I lose access to the plugins own UI so I cant tweek the controls. I then save a preset so I can reload my plugins but…Where are the presets saving? They never seem to go to the same place. I end up loosing work because of these stupid issues.
No float over info text on icons, why??
Today it ‘lost’ access to my current work flow Montage, it had ‘dissapeared’ from my ‘Recent’ Files
I dont know, everytime I want to do something on Wavelab it feels like it is working against me rather than for me.
What on earth is going on with the Cut copy and paste features? None of it works the way you would think it ought to.
Most of these same issues seem to be featured on both my installed Wavelab 10 and Wavelab 11

These are just a few of the issues , I think Wavelab has ‘retired’ way too many functions that where there in the earlier versions.

Just lately despite having a very fast Scan XPS PC with 32 GiG Ram, SSDs, M.2 Drives etc ect Wavelab takes an age to load up and feels really heavy and sometimes struggles with audio.
I really couldnt be bothered with trying to work through these issues but for me there are so many of them I am now looking to see if I can back grade to an earlier version once more
BTW my system runs Cubase 12 very well with next to no issues, I can run scores of plugins, audio channels and instruments and its fine, but Wavelab???

I loved the earlier versions 6 and 7 and I can easily get to what I want with them but my goodness, I really dont find the Wavelab 11 very helpfull in fact it is often a hinderance.

So can I backgrade to a Wavelab 6 or 7? anyone please?

To be honest, I’ve not experienced most of your issues in WL 11. and while nothing is perfect, one thing WL 11 is not is ‘sluggish’. Maybe it would be worthwhile to take another look look at how your system is configured. That said, new versions aren’t for everyone.

FWIW, if I had to go back to an earlier version it would be 9.5 … I basically ‘skipped’ 10 . I still have WL 9.5 installed alongside WL 11 … it requires a dongle but works fine and is rock solid.

I have not tried to install 6 or 7 and whether they would run OK on a Windows 10 or 11 64 bit machine I cannot comment on that.

Hi @nostrami & @Paul_Rat_Blakey,

as a WL10 and WL11 user, I’d just installed WaveLab 7.2.1 plus its compatibility patch (both in x64) - on a 10 year old laptop, on Win 11 Pro (audio: internal RealTek, external Tascam US-2x2HR).

WL starts up and runs without any (obvious) trouble, although I acted a bit hastily so it crashed on me once, while saving a freshly recorded WAV file (internal stereo MICs, MME driver and I was also able to play back the same file by using MME and also ASIO).


So, as long as one still has a working license for the full version (equal to or higher than v7,.x.x) on a working USB eLicenser, WL7 would start up and run. For those who entered the Realm of WaveLab with Version 11.1, of course this wouldn’t work (due to the license system change towards Steinberg Licensing in 2022).

Another important thing might be:
on very new PCs (self built or custom-built audio workstations), one should always install any chipset drivers that were supplied by the respective mainboard / chipset manufacturer, but should not keep all those Microsoft standard drivers after a fresh install of Win 10 or Win 11 - very often they’re not the same in terms of performance and stability.

Best Wishes,

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I am not seeing any of your problems. It might be something else entirely. I have been with WL since version 1.6.2 and WL 11 is by far the best and fastest WL so far. It sounds like a “computer” problem more than WL. You can look at what is running at the same time by pushing CTRL, Shift and ESC to see if there is something else taking up a lot of your computer’s resources. Sometime things like Anti Virus or even email can rob your computer’s speed by hogging the processor. Best of luck in finding the problem.

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