Early Midi notes recording finally 'fixed' :-)

Thanks a million for this! the asio delay compensation means a lot to me! did some tests and its 99% there… its not sample accurate but its close enough to be perfect

Good news, I never had problems in the past but now the eDrums are looking rather more attractive than my desktop finger pads!

The reason the notes appear early is because you’ve leaned to play ahead of time, to compensate for the latency. Less latency, the less you will play ahead.

Oh bloody marvellous. I assume that this fix isn’t going to get included into a 6.5 maintenance update ?

Won’t be surprised if it is, after all under the hood improvements are what make SB the leader in the DAW game.

well you play to what you hear… but now there is compensation so what you hear is what you get… which is exactly what you want

Yes, there’s less latency on input. Great, eh!!!

I hope you are right.

I mean, it’s asking a bit much to expect people to pay over £100 to get their broken program fixed.