Easier Insert Silence

Adding time between/before sections is a lot more work then it needs to be. Currently you have to use the range tool and create a selection across every single track in the project, which gets a bit tedious after doing it so many times. Also if you have the Track Divide List toggled in the arrangement view (for a marker/chord track etc), it it doesn’t move the content of those tracks, even if you have the same range selection prior to using the Insert Silence function. So now after spending 10 seconds making sure your range selection reflects the amount of time you want and all the tracks are within said range selection, you then have you go and do it again for the tracks in the divided track list. Ultimately this is a massive waste of time when there could be a simple pop-up box that lets you input the amount of time you want to add, and said value will inserted across all tracks wherever your cursor was placed. This would be incredibly useful for people like me who use Cubase as a writing and arrangement tool. Thank you and if needed please check out Ableton’s Insert Silence for reference.

You’re making it over complicated

Instead of using the Range Tool just set your Locators where you want the silence.
Then use Edit>Range>Insert Silence (or its Key Command)

Oh that’s way easier. The online manual doesn’t say anything about using locators so I wasn’t aware you could do this. Thanks!

There’s a lot that the online manual doesn’t cover, you are much better off asking the question in You Tube and then you can watch a video to
see exactly how to do it.

You can also use the Insert Bars feature. Move cursor to spot. Hit key. Done. :slight_smile:

I thought I had a pretty good handle on most of Cubase’s functionality but now I’m wondering how many wonderful things I have still yet to find!

This is literally what I wanted! Thank you so much for pointing this out :smiley: