Easier way to chose what octave. FR

When entering notes, Dorico will chose whatever octave where the note is closest to the last note. Let’s say you have a B2. The next note you want is an E2. Since E3 is a fourth and E2 is a fifth, Dorico will enter E3. I have to constantly change the octave of notes. Slows me up. I’m sure everyone has this problem.

It would be much easier if you could select in which octave you want the next note which would stay in the octave until you change it. Two ways I can think of now.

  1. In the note selection window, have numbers -2 to 8, or whatever to click.
  2. Have key commands to switch octaves.

This would (should) work well for those who use a macro keyboard.

  1. Already exists, or at least a variation on it: Register selection during note input

Thanks Leo. I know about using those modifiers with the arrow keys but didn’t know you can use them to enter a specific note. Something else to get used to.