Easier way to vertically align to notes in engrave mode?


I am plodding along with my little guitar pieces.

Is there an easy way to vertically align two notes in different voices.

See attachment.

Thank you for your help.

Select both notes and use ‘voice column index’ In engraved mode to set them both the same.

Not possible in elements or SE though.

First Rule of Dorico: don’t manually do anything until you’ve checked the options:

Notation Options > Voices > Unison dotted and undotted notes in opposing voices.

Thank you Viaduct and Benwiggy.

I have Dorico 3.5 so all good.

Just learning this awesome program after not having used it for over 2 years!!!

I will need to follow the ‘FIRST RULE OF DORICO’ for sure :slight_smile:

Best wishes to you both and your families.


Thanks, I never used this before, but it’s working for me too …