Easiest way to convert mono track to stereo track?

Here’s the problem: By default when I import a bunch of audio tracks, all the mono audio gets assigned to mono tracks. And then when I put a chorus effect or something I’m left scratching my head as to why it won’t sound stereo.

Given the current limitation, what is the easiest way to “migrate” to a stereo track for such mono tracks? And is there a way to avoid this nonsensical mono track scenario in the future, altogether?

create a stereo track and drop the clips to that stereo track - plenty of posts about that on the forums

For import no - for record yes -also discussed enough here.

Because ‘inserting’ an effect on a mono track is just placing a mono effect on the mono audio. The output of a mono track is still mono. You can send the mono track to a Stereo group channel and insert stereo effects there. Or just create a stereo FX track and insert a stereo effect there. Send to it from the mono audio track to that FX or Group channel via channel control window.


Creating a stereo track doesn’t copy over the automation, inserts, routing, sends, etc. though?

And yes, I was talking about import - for record I always use a stereo track.

Creating a new stereo track then re-importing a mono track to it should work. I am just guessing though. I personally have never had the issue.

You will lose automation if you move the track. I suppose it depends on what you automated. Sending to a stereo FX or group channel will solve the stereo issue.

Sucks that you may lose work, but it just comes down to how the DAW works. :frowning:

FYI… A disussion about pros/cons for recording a mono audio bus (and source) to a stereo audio track.


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There can be some cool benefits to using dual mono tracks each panned L/R. But there really needs to be a right click menu command to:
join mono tracks to stereo
split stereo to mono