Easiest way to create chords from single notes?

Hello Everyone, I have watched various tutorials on the chord pads but cannot find an exact answer. I am trying to quickly and easily make chord tracks on another track from my base track. So lets say im a freestyling with a French horn and record that midi track based upon a melody in my head (single fingered). And then I want to use those base notes to create a chord track to trigger strings on another midi track for example? I understand I could look at the piano editor of the French horn track and select those notes in chord pad on the other track, but that is time consuming. Is there not an automated way that Cubase can select my French horn track and turn that single note track into a relative chord sequence on my string track? Many thanks.


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I’m not exactly clear as to what you’re asking.

Try this if you have not. Select notes in a part and if Cubase can identify a chord, it will display in the Inspector (MIDI Editor) and then you can click, “add to chord track.” Chords from the Chord Track may be dragged to chord pads if you want to.

Look at “Live Transform”

The Chord Track will record Chords it can identify. There’s the Chords to MIDI Function and the Create Chord Symbols Function.

There’s usually 10 ways to accomplish any particular thing in Cubase and all of them are fine.

I think the OP is saying they have a monophonic bass line and they’d like to use that to create triads for each existing bass note.

My first thought is to use the Logical Editor, but I don’t see how to set that up off the top of my head. I don’t really use the Chord Pads, but it seems like that could be useful.