Easiest Way to Print Out a Multi-instrument Score?

Another noob question: What’s the easiest way to print out a score?

Typically I’ll want to print out a score in a chamber-music-style, so, say 3 instruments (say Piano, Cello Violin) in separate staves on the same page so each musician sees the other players’ parts. My old DAW, FL Studio, had no native way to do this but it was easy to export a MIDI file to MuseScore which needs each instrument on a separate channel, and it was straightforward to set a separate MIDI channel to each instrument in the EXPORT without changing what MIDI channel it was LISTENING on, so I could easily do this in mid-composing without having to mess up all the MIDI settings of my instruments. So I’m pretty adept with MuseScore but I don’t know how to export a MIDI file from Cubase with MIDI channels assigned just for the export.

I also see that Cubase has its own capability to print scores - https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_score/v11/en/Cubase_Pro_Score_11_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf
but it looks horrifically complicated and probably overkill for most of my needs. I don’t want to edit the score, except to fix up a few minor errors which I expect to be very few based on my experience with MuseScore.

Is there a simple tutorial anywhere for the easiest way to print a multi-instrument piece for Cubase users?

Thanks in advance.


In Cubase the Score Editor is MIDI Part based. So if you select multiple MIDI Parts (the MIDI Parts of multiple tracks), you would see all of them in the Score Editor.

Then switch the Score Editor to the Page Mode. Now you can print it, or export as MusicXML.