Easiest way to roll back to 9.0.20 on Windows?

9.0.30 has reintroduced the 9.0.30 the plugin limit bug on my system. Is there a simple way to roll back without uninstalling cubase and then updating to 9.0.20?

What if I tell you…

~ It never was gone in the first place ~

Windows Programs & Features. Choose show installed updates/uninstall.


For some reason it 100% disappeared around March 2017 after suffering it for a year. I’m 100% certain about that. I think a windows update may have cured it. I’m now wondering if the 9.0.30 patch has covered over Microsoft updated files or something

If that’s true, that would be a breakthrough and Steinberg should know about it. But there’s no evidence…

Thankyou that worked perfectly

Did it help the missing plugins issue??

Yes it seems so. I reverted and spent the day mixing 3 very large and plugin intensive projects. The system never refused to keep loading plugins. I made a point of choosing as many different plugins as possible as the issue is with dll static binding on different plugin types. I have no idea why the issue is cured when I revert back. It’s not 9.0.20 as I had the issue on that patch for a while before it seemed to go away. It has to be a windows update. I notice two updates in March 2017 concerned with stack server but no other information. Puzzling. I had bee talking to Fabio about it. I’ll drop him another line with my experience of 9.0.30