Easiest way to share project between computers

What is the easiest way to transfer a project from one computer to another? Ie work on the Cubase file on another computer?

You could use Backup Project to save the project on a removable drive.

So you’re telling me all I need is the bak file to open a project on a new computer? Am I misunderstanding?

Perhaps this manual entry will help.

Make sure you use a new folder for every project and keep all of the audio/edits within that folder. Then just copy it. A backup is not just the .bak file as mentioned with the link above. Use that method if you don’t know where all your files are.

No. A .bak file and Backup Project are two entirely different things which unfortunately have similar names.

Project management is an under-rated topic.
If a project is self-contained (ie EVERY asset is in the same project folder) then you can just copy the whole caboodle to a USB stick.


That’s an understatment