Easiest way to switch off VST instruments temporarily?

I lean on my MIDI keyboard as I work, so there are times I’d like to completely switch off Dorico’s VST playback. What’s the easiest one-click way to do that?

I thought that switching off the power button in the upper right corner would do it, but it doesn’t.

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 3.56.18 PM

Fastest and least impactful temporary solution? Mute the master fader.

You might prefer to click the one box to disable midi input in preferences, or just for that one keyboard.

The VST buttons in the “VST and Midi Tab” in Play Mode will accomplish it and give you resources for the VST back, though it is a button per VST and they take time to re-initialize.

Try assigning a key command to Toggle MIDI input in the Note Input category in Key Commands.

Fantastic tip, Daniel. I’ve also added it to Keyboard Maestro which makes it easier to remote control from elsewhere.