Easiest way to turn everything down before it reaches master output (inc automation)?

Hi there

What’s the easiest way to turn everything down before it reaches my mastering limiter on the stereo output

Including VST synths, volume automation, audio tracks etc?

turning down the faders won’t include the volume automation, neither will turning down the clips


Don’t know how temporary solution you want - but I am thinking assign a VCA fader to it all(if using Pro).

If you want to group tracks a bit, you can do nested VCA’s.

VCA’s create a relative adjustment of it all, and if you want you can freeze that into automation of everything.

You could select the ‘pre’ rack in the mixer and turn down the gain in your stereo out channel.

Some ideas:

  1. If you’re just worried about its being too hot to render, simply pull down the master fader.

  2. Or you also could just turn down the “Pre-” gain slider on the master channel up in the rack.

  3. Or - add one more group at the end, just before the master, call it “Pre master”. Route all your tracks there, and pull down its fader. I have this extra group prebuilt into my templates, I love the convenience of just grabbing the fader (rather than have to scroll around for another plug-in (see below) or having to scroll up into the rack to access the pre- gain slider.

  4. Finally, if you don’t want to mess with the master bus gain structure, you can get a freebee fader plug-in (Hofa4U, or Melda, e.g.), put it as the last insert in the master bus (before dither), then pull it down as much as needed.