East West Hollywood Strings 2 IN ACTION! - Star Wars The Revenge of The Sith

Hi! I want to share this amazing piece played by East West’s latest release “Hollywood Strings 2”. I think it is a really nice sound library and this is the result when you combine it with a wonderful software like Dorico 5 Pro. It really has saved me a lot of time for my daily work.


I’ve been playing with EWH Strings 2 as well and although they fixed the legato latency for the most part (I can still here it in the above mockup), the library begs for continuous controllers (1, and 11) to really bring it to life. For a really busy score like the one above, they definitely bring an air of newness but by themselves, they really need to be exercised in a DAW.

The full strings are incredible to sketch with. Additional mic positions, moods … all-in-all, an excellent new offering from East West.

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I completely agree. I think legato is not his strong point and I tried to correct it as much as possible. Another disadvantage I noticed is its latency with its keyswitches. For everything to do with East West I prefer to work with channels. Anyway, soon I will upload the same piece but with VSL strings.