East West Quantium Leap doesn't work on Windows 10

Can someone tell me why I can’ install PLAY from EWQL and iLok manager on my computer since upgraded to Windows 10.

I have a Windows 10 64 bit and download PLAY 64 bit and iLok manager 64 bit but it says that there’s a compatibility error.
Somone help please!

Thanks in advance.

Well I think tou have a “personal” problem but not related to win 10, cause I have 3 win 10 computer with iLok and Play software and all running well…

But I’ve tried on my main computer and my laptop, same results… gonna regive it a try tho. Maybe an update since win 10 came out?

all my computer are connected and so win updated with the latest… look at your bios if you have “secure boot” enable if so you can disable it…

I’m not a pro at computing, where can I find those “bios”?

You’re posting your question to the Steinberg forum, you should probably ask in an EWQL or ilok forum.

EWQL does work with Win10. Pace iLok on the other hand is all about suckage.

Go to task manager, choose Services tab, scroll down until you find PaceLicenseDServices. if it’s status is anything else but “running”, right-click it and choose Start.

That should make it suck less, at least until you restart your computer.

@Steve I’ve already asked on EWQLforums, no good response, and iLok don’t have forums
@grave Thanks alot, works like a charm :wink:

That’s great! Simple but non-obvious fix. We got some good forums over here. :wink: