East west voices playback at transposed pitch in Dorico 4

Apologies if someone has answered on this. With Hollywood and symphonic choirs through Opus in Dorico 4 I sometimes get a transposed output up by a 9th or sometimes down by a tone. I’m on Windows 10. Anyone know why this might happen. I think it may happen at input time also.
Thanks in hopes

Check your audio rate. 44.1 or 48kHz - can affect the pitch. Check Device Setup menu option for your ASIO driver.

@nomisllewdor , as Andro mentioned, go to Edit > Device Setup and change there the sample rate, wait for 2 seconds and change it back, then close the dialog and it should be fine again.
When you switch between applications, it might be that other apps change the sample rate and Dorico won’t notice it and that results then in the detuning. The best solution is to set all your different applications - that use the sound card - to the same sample rate, then this won’t happen any more.

Thanks a lot both