Easter Time is about hope and being positive

There is SYNC after crash.

Testing on two PCs in the same LAN I found that it makes no difference who starts first: the PERF or the PRO. Whatever route I take, in the end all is green and ready.

When the Performer comes second the sample rate changes automatically to the PRO sample rate. When with an established connection the Performer changes the sample rate (CON light turns red), the program sets it back automatically (CON light is green again, check in control panel). That is fantastic!

The mixer panel has a lot of variables. Either side may edit (and the other side follows):

  • fader name (at the bottom)
  • amount of reverb
  • toggle mute
  • panning
    (Not possible yet: insert effects button on top.)

That is great! Imagine a session with a drummer who has everything permanently set up in his basement with 8 mics. The studio can add 7 mics and the drummer puts in the correct names. Makes you daydream about a future (no hurry!) with the word “preset” in it…

Parable: Buy a car, read the manual, drive away and … crash.
Understanding may be key.
(I know because I crashed many times and saw a lot of red lights)

I am not the first on this forum to say “Thank You”, and no doubt not the last.
Take care of your health and do not forget to rest now and then.


It’s slightly different on a LAN than over the internet of course :slight_smile:

I’'d advise people to use name/key login as it’s a bit simpler IMO - this means the Studio needs to login before the Performer

steve’s post below shows how to login with name/key https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=221&t=184330&p=976563#p976563

Hi Doc, thank you for your stimulating reply: when I start the Studio first and log in = no, I can generate a key. The performer may type that in and gets the well-known message that starts with “Sorry, you cannot connect within your local network…”.
When the Studio DOES log in it can create a key, but also then the Performer sees that same message.
What are we doing differently?


There’s no login needed for LAN.

see: https://postimg.cc/jw2R8xxL

hi Karel

I’m a little confused (no change there !) - You are using VST connect PRO as in your signature ?

connecting over a LAN (LOCAL area network) is different from logging in over the internet.

If you are using VST connect over the internet NOT on your LAN then name/key system is better IMO

(edit steve beat me to it with a much more informative gif :smiley: )

Do not log in and do not klick the ID button. As soon as Cubase is started with the VST Connect plugin, there should be a blue button in the Performer (looks like a WiFi button), click it and you’re done.

This really helps, thank you so much.
The “drummer idea” was the dream from the beginning :slight_smile:
I guess once you set up a multitrack session everything should come up as it was left the last time, no? If not, we’ll make it happen!

incidentally - if you load up Performer on a LAN computer whilst you currently have a working session over the internet bad things happen (or at least they did for me :smiley: )

who would ever even want to have that thought :slight_smile:

To Steve: you are right (of course) meaning: I now too see that connection is established and that the performer side adapts AUTOMATICALLY to the project sample rate. No message, no intervention needed. So: yes, Studio does not need to log in.

To dr: I read almost all posts in this forum and quite often it makes me feel that it is easy to misinterpret someone else’s messages. Let us not continue in the vain of “I thought that you meant that xxx but in reality I meant that you thought that yyyy”. Instead: We agree about the subject of “When in LAN do LAN” and “When not in LAN use key, because then the performer does not need to have a Steinberg account.”

To musi: I agree about not clicking the id button. I only mentioned it to show that it will not work, as I did not know if dr was understanding what I meant in the first post because… bla bla … see what I meant five lines up ?
The drummer just had a look and did not see his Easter egg. When will the next boxing day be?

To all: Nothing beats sitting in the same room with a small group of nerds (this is a positive label) and a white board. Who knows, some day in a more relaxed future, using Zoom…?

Thank you all for replying.

agreed - but I booted it up performer to check where a particular button was on the performer app - broke my session.