EastWest Gold Orchestra Instruments w Cubase 7.5

Hi guys,

So I’ve recently installed Cubase Artist 7.5 (no problem) and have just installed EastWest Gold Orchestra, registered ilok with an ilok key, but Cubase isn’t picking up the instruments.

At the moment, this is the file path I think is right…
C -> Program Files -> Steinberg -> VSTPlugins -> EWQK Symphonic Orchestra Gold (which contains the EW play.dll file) -> Gold Instruments / Gold Samples

Not sure if I’ve put EW in the right place or if its a mistake I’m making with Cubase. Either way, help would be appreciated. One request though… if you suggest a new file path, can you be very specific please as I’ve seen a couple of help articles online that just didn’t go into enough detail.

(Windows 8 - 64bit)