Eastwest instruments not recognising some crescendo/diminuendo markings

Hello, I am using Eastwest orchestral instrument library with Dorico. When playing back the score using Eastwest the crescendo and diminuendo markings in conjunction with tied notes across bars are not being recognised during playback. I have experimented with different things but cannot find a solution to this. Can anyone help Please?

Have you set up an appropriate expression map for the patches you’re using, and set the dynamics controller appropriately?

And which Library? There a couple of possibilities…

Hi. Thanks for responding. I have set up an appropriate expression map and set the dynamic controller. All dynamics are being played back successfully including crescendo/diminuendo as long as these crescendo/diminuendo markings are not written in conjunction with long tied together notes. The problems only arise with tied notes across barlines. I am using Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Complete

Have you set Volume Dynamic to use CC11 for all techniques in all Expression maps…?

Hi. Can you explain a bit more please? I do feel it is in this area of CC11 dynamics, note velocity and control change that I’m missing something. Perhaps I have not set the dynamic controller properly. In the expression maps box, control change is set to 11 and in the playback options box the dynamic curve power is set to 1.0. This all works perfectly with HSO but not with Eastwest

Hi again. Every Xmap contains several techniques, like staccato, spiccato, tremolo etc… and not to forget NATURAL (must be present, but need not have Actions defined, but probably should) - EACH of those must have their own Volume Dynamic set (this field is local to each technique, not global to the Xmap.) Either Note Velocity (some libraries use that for non-sustaining techniques, like pizz) OR Control Change (typically 1 (modWheel) or 11. I’m not familiar with the EWSO, but I’m pretty sure 11 is your magical number. If you still have problems, try posting a picture of one of your Xmaps here…

Thanks for that info. Setting the Control change to 11 for each instrument/track seems to have done the trick. Thanks again for your help