EastWest Opus Expression Maps

Has anyone created any expression maps for EastWest Opus for Dorico 4? I realize that mapping everything in their humongous library would be a epic undertaking, so all I’m looking for here would be the basics from their ‘Gold’ Opus edition. Of course, I know I can look in the manual or the user interface for the settings, but was hoping not to reinvent the wheel (from the articulations button on the play tab in the player/plugin).

3 Flutes Keyswitch Instrument 3FL KS Master)
Oboe Keyswitch Instrument (OB KS Master)
3 Clarinets Keyswitch Instrument (3CL KS Master)
2 French Horns Keyswitch Instrument (2FH KS Master)
1st Violins Keyswitch Instrument (1st Violins KS Master)
2nd Violins Keyswitch Instrument (2nd Violins KS Master)
Celli Keyswitch Instrument (Celli KS Master)
Basses Keyswitch Instrument (Basses KS Master)

Daniel: Are there any plans to implement something like what Presonus Studio One is doing with the EastWest expression maps? The KS (Key Switch for newbies) expression maps for EastWest Opus load automatically. Then, you just double click in the ‘Sound Variations’ lane where you want the articulation to start, select the desired articulation and extend the marker to the right to the end of the range of measures/beats where you want the articulation to end. You don’t have to create any expression maps when you use EastWest with Studio One, unless of course you’re doing something very customized.

In general we can’t support every third party sample library directly in Dorico – there are just too many of them and we don’t have sufficient time or people to develop expression maps and templates for all of them. We are always delighted when a vendor wants to work with us to improve support for their libraries – great examples being Arne Wallander and the good people at Vienna Symphonic Library – and we would be open to working with EastWest as well, but if they would require us to do all of the development work on the expression maps, percussion maps and playback templates ourselves, then I’m afraid realistically that’s not something likely to happen in the immediate future.


Thank you for the reply, Daniel! I noticed a ‘Import Cubase Expression Maps’ button at the bottom of the ‘Expresion Maps’ dialogue window.

I stumbled across https://www.babylonwaves.com/ which appears to have ALL of not only the EastWest Opus expression map libraries in Cubase format, but also a large selection of other libraries including: VSL, Orchestral Tools, Spitfire (appears to be all of their major libraries), Heavyocity, Sonokinetics, ProjectSam, Audio Imperia, 8DIO and several more!

Have you spoken with anyone about the expression maps from bablyonwaves and if they would work with the ‘Import Cubase Expression Map’ button in Dorico 4?

At this moment (14 March 2022) the collection is 85 euro or about 93 dollars, which to me, if they work, would be an absolute steal with how much time they would save me.

Cubase expression maps will give you a starting point for working on a Dorico expression map, but not a great deal more: Dorico’s expression maps are a fair bit richer than Cubase’s, so all you will really gain I suspect is not having to type in the key switches.