Eastwest Play and Dorico 3

Hello. I’m not being able to make Eastwest play vst plugin work with Dorico 3. This is my first version of Dorico and I read the help topics that instruct how to whitelist the vst plugin, and I’ve done it, but it still doesn’t appear on my VST instruments in Dorico. Aria Player had the same problem and I was able to whitelist it. I have a Macbook Pro with Mojave. Another thing that I don’t understand is that I have 2 VST folders in Audio Plugins of my Mac. One is called VST and has all plugins with that extension, including Play plugin. The other folder is called VST3 and only has another Play plugin but now with the extension vst3. Any suggestions for this? Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately PACE (whose iLok handles licensing for Eastwest, among others) have messed something up. That’s then tripping up Dorico, so Dorico’s blacklisting it.

The long and short of it is you’ll either need to wait for a Dorico update or a Play update. See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=167593&view=unread#p901686 for details.

Oh ok. Thank you for your answer!

VST is an SDK, i.e. a set of interfaces to develop plug-ins. This is also what we call an API. This API develops also over time and allows more and more functionality.
VST2 plug-ins adhere to version 2 of the API and VST3 to version 3.
The reason why there are 2 Play plug-ins on your computer is, one is a VST2 plug-in (dot vst) and the other is a VST3 plug-in (dot vst3).
Dorico will always favour VST3 plug-ins, and also, VST3 plug-ins you never need to whitelist.
Unfortunately with Play, you just need to wait for an update that hopefully will soon come out. But then Play will be also ready for the upcoming OSX Catalina.