Easy Access Inserts

A ‘simple’ request from me.

I’d just like the option to display a number in a box ( [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] ) within Track Control Settings that corresponds to the Insert slot on that track. Clicking it once will then open that insert window.

By displaying the (possibly only active) inserts on the Track Control pane along with Monitor ,Solo,Mute etc it will stop people having to select the track, click Inserts, and try and double click the insert to bring up the insert window (dodging the corner controls which I seem to hit every darn time!)

Also it would be nice if turning off a plugin using the corner controls on the mixer or Inserts pane would actually turn off a plugin rather than just bypassing it.

Amen brothers… :ugeek:

Yes. And how many times i counting sends on channel settings to choose right slot. Small numbers would be nice.