Easy Edit Idea - Feature Suggestion

Hi, I had and idea which I think might be good. I was editing cutting out parts from audio waves ( cleaning up the track) I was using the select too which is great, I would hold the shift key as I made my selection, but then I would have to press delete to delete the part, go back to the shift key + mouse wheel to advance to the next part.

I thought it would be a great option if we could have it so the selection is made while holding the shift, but when we release the shift it does the delete, it would speed things up hugely as then just holding the shift we could scroll to the next bit etc

I hope that makes sense?


That utility isn’t only for deleting though

Just make it an option we can turn on when needed, like quick link. If you have a lot of editing of tracks to do it would save a huge amount of time, and generally if you are in “editing” mode your focused on the repetitive task of deleting.

or maybe a stacked modifier, could be an interesting workflow feature… it might sort of cancel out though thinking about it, when I’m doing the work you describe… one hand is on the mouse, and the other just riding the Delete key, or Crop. on my keyboard, the shift and delete key are right next to each other.