Easy key command for changing the color of an audio clip

Please allow us to assign a key command for changing the color of an audio clip so that you could highlight good audio takes easily while comping. “W” could possibly be a good option as a key command!

You can use the Project Logical Editor & create a preset to set a color. Then assign it to any Key Command you like. If you don’t know how to create the preset I can post an example, but it will be a day or two until I have access to my DAW.

Would be really kind of you if you could show me!
Thank you!

Turns out I do have an example pic on this PC. It’s from an older version of Cubase so it visually looks different than Cubase 12, but the settings are the same. One other point, you’ll see that the Color I’m setting it to is named “Cello” - this is because I changed the color names from their default names (which are something like “Color 1”, “Color 2” etc.). In any case you need to use the Color Names that you have.

You’ll need to make one of these for each color you want to set. This will also set the Track Color if no Parts or Events are selected.

Thank you!
I did as you said and selected an event to colorize but it colorized all audio tracks in the project to the same color instead. How do I get it to assign color on an event only and how do I assign it to a key command? I can’t find the option in the key command list!

It’s in the Folder Process Project Logical Editor - it is easy to get lost in that list.

This seems to be an undesirable change in behavior in a recent update. If you Select both a Track and an item on that Track if you change the color by using the Color Menu - the color of the item will change but the Track color will not change. This still works the same way.

That was also the way it worked when changing the color by using the PLE, but now that has changed. I’ll report this to Steinberg. Here’s a video I made to do that. The top Track shows how it works with the Color Menu & the bottom Track using the PLE.

PLE color behavior change

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Thank you so much!! It worked on midi tracks! There’s no option to assign a key command on audio tracks. Does Cubase lack that option?

I don’t understand what you mean by this. Key Commands are never assigned to Tracks.

Sorry! I mean audio events

Try making sure no Track is Selected. If you Ctrl+Click on a Selected Track it will Deselect it.

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