Easy sample rate change solution needed

I’ve discussed this before, but with more and more clients requesting and needing both 44.1k masters, as well as 24-bit higher sample rate masters for vinyl and/or bandcamp, Mastered for iTunes and other services that accept files at sample rates higher than 44.1k…the need to easily make a montage at a higher sample rate is badly needed.

Even if I play and capture masters through my analog chain at 88.2k for example, I like to convert to 44.1k using iZotope SRC before loading into a montage. This isn’t a debate about what SRC sounds better, but simply so that sample rate conversion doesn’t need to happen each time I render a DDP or WAV/mp3s files from a montage at a high sample rate. This takes time and leaves room for a glitch that must be checked for each time instead of once.

I think 44.1k is still the preferred way to send files to clients to approve a master, usually via DDP and something like HOFA DDP Player Maker.

Anyway, once the master is a approved, I often need a simple way to do “save as” of a montage, and save it as a higher sample rate (to match original source files sample rate), but to keep all the track markers and info to match the 44,1k master montage. I simply want to make a mirror image of my approved montage at 44.1k, and insert the higher sample rate files in place of the 44.1k files. I always have properly trimmed and named files at both 44.1k and the native sample rate of the original files.

I know how to “save as…” to make a new montage and change sample rate of it, but when the sample rate is changed, the markers all move because they are all tied to the samples of the montage and not the minutes/ seconds so it’s a lot of extra work to recreate a 44.1k montage at 48k or higher for these situations where the client wants both 44.1k CD master, and higher sample rate WAV files for vinyl or online services that accept high sample rate.

This seems like a trend that is not going away as more and more outlets are accepting high sample rate files for distribution.

thank you.

I remember this request, and it is firmly planned for WaveLab 9.

Thank you!

I know you suggested some workarounds for this, but there really isn’t great or fast/easy way to do this and the need for it is growing with my client base.

One other related request would be a way to batch convert many track markers to be bound to samples of focused clip. Or maybe there is already a way? The other day I had to change the timeline of a live show master (the audio file was just one long file). The track markers by default were not tied to the samples of the file, so one by one I had to link the markers to the samples of the audio file before adding some noise to the start of the master.

thanks again.

One other related request would be a way to batch convert many track markers to be bound to samples of focused clip. Or maybe there is already a way?

This is already possible. You simply have to select several markers together. The easiest is from the marker list, using control/shift and mouse. Then call the desired binding function.