Easy to do Musical Suggestions

Hi there! I would like to point out some easy to do updates that will improve the musicality of Cubase.

  1. New musical display format.

So normally when i count a 4 beat piece it goes like this: 1 2 3 4 - 2 2 3 4 - 3 2 3 4 - 4 2 3 4 and then i start over. So it doesnt matter at this stage if its measure 5 or 23 i just want to know where my strong beats are in a measure. Does it make any sense? I could also be counting the pulse slower…

then its . . .

  1. Ruler track that moves

Like any ruler, you dont always place it in the start of the page right?
… And yes i know about project settings etc. its not the same! I dont want to move the whole timeline. Just the ruler track…

  1. Horizontal Piano roll in midi

I get why its made like this and the advantages that it has… But still its not so musical.
There is got to be a way to work this out . maybe an option that makes an horizontal piano roll appear above the velocity and other tabs could do the trick without messing many things around and the way notes travel from left to right.

Thanks for your time : )

Horizontal Piano roll in midi would be totally great addition and it would work the way you suggested. Why wouldn’t this be there already?

Hi there… Is any of these suggestions in Cubase 10.5 so i can upgrade?