Easy way to move "VST Sound" content to another drive?

I just noticed that on my last reinstall, that I put all of the included sound content (Loopmash, Halion Sonic SE, REVerence, MIDI Loop Library, Amp Rack) on my main boot drive.

Is there an easy way to throw the content onto my sample drive and then reassign their path in the VST instrument interfaces?

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Sorry, not giving an answer.

I asked much the same question here: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=34778 and got no reply.

move them and create a shortcut.

I guess maybe u cant then…only Halion Sonic SE has the option to redirect the sample folder. I’d be careful with that though as I was plagued with probs when I upgraded my HD’s last time and none of the presets would appear, even though it was pointed at the right folder. I think there’s some other threads around here about that…mine suddenly reappeared after reinstalling a few times, restarting my computer, etc. :angry:

I dont understand…like “Create a Shortcut”, and then place that shortcut where the files are now? Interesting…might give that a try! :smiley:


I agree, that is an intersting idea. If it works for you let me know? I am not too overwhelmed with sound files but this will be an issue in the future, I’m sure. Right now I have the trial C7 on my C drive and to make things easier I duplicated all my sound files in either version of Cubase, 6.5 & 7. It hadn’t occured to me to tag a redirect in the file.

Does it work?

That´s what Cubase does itself, when doing a custom installation with a different than the default locations. And IIRC I´ve done this also with successs - but it´s on your own risk of course.


I once tried something similar with (IIRC) the documentation folder for an old version of Cubase, but it didn’t work.

AFAIK, the method where you create (what’s it called?) a hard link(?) does work for this kind of thing - ie where the OS is made to regard a folder as if it’s part of another drive. But I’ve always been wary of risking that kind of thing.

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No benefit to moving content unless it’s streaming samples.

Disc space - big benefit…

I don’t use halion sonic but I have installed the soundsets so i’ll give it a go for you and see what happens as I would like to free up some disk space

Here is a little utility for getting junctions working without going into CMD :


Yutaka, that looks really interesting. Are you using this in Cubase?

Not exactly Cubase, but I’m using it for EW Play libraries. Some of EW libraries like Hollywood Strings and Brass are quite big in size, so I’ve used the Junction thing to move parts of those libraries to a small SSD. I have just one mic position from those libraries on an SSD, while the rest is on another HD, where EW Play thinks I have everything in.

I went with this method for my setup because it was recommended over using shortcut at EW forum. I can’t remember exactly why shortcut was not good enough, to be honest. Here’s a description of the difference between a symbolic link and a shortcut I found on the net :

A “shortcut” is effectively a file that holds the filepath of another file. When you read it, you read a specially formatted file that tells you where to look next. If your application doesn’t listen, and simply reads the file verbatim, then you don’t follow it. A symbolic link is filesystem-level, it’s the filesystem itself that holds the “true” path to the data and when you attempt to access it, you retrieve the data pointed to.

Since thinkingcap says a shortcut will work with Cubase, I think you should try that one first.

Interesting stuff! I’ll bookmark this thread for future reference, cause when I have time I want to tidy up my virtual instruments…

Try this solution : Can this helps you ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB_coW-1hoA

That looks nice, but with the introduction of Cubase Pro 10 it’s also unnecessary. With C10 the ‘Steinberg Library Manager’ is also installed. In it, you can see all locations of currently installed VST instruments/sounds. And you can point to another location and all will be moved!