Easy Way to Reverse Locators

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I was wondering if there is an easy way to reverse locators? A macro or a key command to do so would be awesome.

The reason this is very helpful for me is that before I make edits, I often like to see what the edit will sound like. To to do this I’ve found that if I reverse the left and right locators and put cubase in loop mode and it skips from the R to L locator.

However, the way to do that now is rather tedious, you have either think backwards and know to set your R locator at the left position or set the locators correctly and then reset them in reverse.


I use a cycle marker for that : insert xycle marker once your locators are correctly set -> locate -> set right locator -> hit “N” (next) -> set left locator

Of course you can set up a macro to do that.


That is getting me closer to what I need, but when I hit “N” my position goes to either a part beginning or automation point and not necessarily the next locator. The closest I’m able to come to acheiving what you’re describing is by using num1 and num2 but that seems to be self defeating as the problem I’m having is that once I’ve set the Right locator to where the left one was I lose the position of my right locator to set to the left on.


From memory, you might have to activate “track selection follows event selection” - I have a KC for that pref as I often switch between the two different behaviours, when I hit the KC for creatng a cycle marker then the marker track gets selected so when I hit the “N” KC, the cursor moves to the end of the cycle marker.

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Menu/Transport/Locators - Exchange Left & Right Locator Positions

There isn’t a command assigned. I assigned mine to Control+L (Mac OS)

Thanks, I missed that one :slight_smile:


This Macro should work:


No need for a custom macro anymore as they built the feature into C9.5. But if you still use C9.0 or below, the macro is the way to go.

I found it in C9.5, assigned a key to it, nice little time saver.