easy way to switch takes.

OK, all Cubase guru’s. Been a Cubase user for 25 years but this one has me baffled.

How do I switch between takes across say 24 tracks?

I have projects here that are live studio recordings of a band with 24 tracks. How do I audition the various takes globally without having to expand all tracks to show lanes then manually selecting each take across all 24 tracks?



I think you put all the tracks in one folder and select “Group Edit” on that folder?

You might need to deselect it to work on a single instrument.


Thanks Hugh, I need to be able to audition takes /lanes for all instruments at once where there are various versions of sections in the arrangements.


Under Project/Track Versions you can convert the Lanes into new versions. Then a bit of upfront effort, set all the first versions/takes on each track to the same ID, repeat for the 2nd and subsequent versions. There may be some way to have this occur automatically - check the manual, Once you have common ID’s for each version if you select all the tracks and select a version on one all the other selected tracks will also switch to the version with that ID.