Easy way to turn the vertical grid lines on and off?

I hope I’m wrong but it seems there’s no way to turn the vertical grid lines on and off with a simple key command. Am I correct in thinking that it’s not possible? If so I’m very surprised.

It’s ‘j’ - has been forever.

I would create your own keyboard shortcuts. I have and I am so used to my workflow. I basically eliminated everything except for things I use often. For example I have my backspace button as return to start. Also my home and End buttons go to the start and end of a piece. Shift+A is add audio track for me. I is view instrument. I even setup my Logitech mouse (m560) to function in cubase as well. So if I click back on the scroll wheel, the position steps back a bar. Forward, forward a bar. Middle button is edit track, etc. I really suggest ditching cubase’s key commands and creating some that make sense to you.

I just wish that the files were saved in a more obvious place.
Instead of burried in the app data folder :unamused:

Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant the vertical grid overlay lines not the snap to grid.

Oh, sorry as well, just caught ‘grid’ and overlooked ‘lines’ :blush:

The grid lines display goes with the grid setting. Set to bar shows less lines than finer increments. It’s dynamic with the adapt-setting.

In color schemes they’re not adjustable anymore AFAIK as they were in previous versions. My color scheme is set to a less contrasting, brighter than default setting, more pleasant to me than those more or less white lines on more or less black background.

Complete on/off isn’t implemented.

Complete on/off isn’t implemented.

Yes that’s what I need. I guess I’ll have to put in a feature request. Thank you!