Easy WTF Changes

I’d imagine these changes would be super easy; but for some reason they are not there??

  1. File->preferences->Colors->Track Type Defaults

why is there no option to have a default color for folder tracks? Yet you can do a color for basically all other tracks?

2. adding a new track

you get the option to name a track when adding it, ONLY for audio tracks, group tracks, and VCA tracks. but not for things like instrument tracks, effects tracks, folder tracks, etc… wwwwhyyy? please allow this for all tracks.

3. Audio Inserts, Strip, etc… on instrument tracks

I went from 6 to 8, so I’m not sure if this was changed in 7 or 8, but now you can’t add audio inserts or anything unless you have an actual vst instrument loaded on a track. and when you do have a vst instrument loaded on a track, it’s another click away now because you have to click the instrument track, then basically click the instrument track again to open a sub menu… not sure why Audio Inserts, Strip, etc… are suddenly a sub menu. It’s extremely redundant and annoying.

All these changes don’t require any huge shift in paradigm or anything; I’d imagine they are quick fixes; just things that got overlooked. Please implement them as soon as possible! Thanks!

small things like these will make life easier on planet Cuabse!


I’d love default track colours!! I think gui designers are being guided too much by artistic values than usability and clarity of presentation. So I’d welcome more colours rather than everything being just grey/black/white.


Got to agree with these. As to colors, we can set individual keyboard notes to a color (why anyone would? who knows). The first thing, almost, as a new user was to set colors for track types, since the tiny ‘pictures’ don’t register with my eyes.

Yeah I never use the pictures… takes to much time to set up a picture, and a lot of sounds I wouldn’t even know what picture to give it lol