EasyMusic Sounds

So i’ve been using Cubase for a little while now, but i’ve only recently realised how powerful it is.
I have created some new sounds with the help of some guidance in knowing how to equalise and edit sounds more professionally.

Ohh and If anyone can help me enhance my sound please feel free to let me know.

Have a listen to this and let me Know what you think. Thanks.


So your basically just advertising your soundcloud page…

Dude I’ve been posting on the forum. If I was advertising it would have Been one post and gone.

Ok my apologies…people normally just put one song up…

Understood and edited :wink:

well had a listen and sounds excellent…wanted it to be longer actually…bass seemed a bit heavy, I know it’s supposed to be heavy…but just a little OTT on my system (in sig)

so that was pretty good so ended up listening to some of the other stuff.
and it’s all good :slight_smile:

well done, Kevin :slight_smile:

Thanks, the idea of the tracks being short was for people to sample which tracks they liked best so I could concentrate on producing a fuller version.
Okays for the CC, I need some more work on my equalization. For the life of me I don’t understand how to get the surround virtualisation working correctly. If you could help me out with that, that would be really helpful.
One thing too, if you don’t mind, volume of the track when exporting! It always sounds loud on my PC but then when I put it on my phone or some other platform it’s relatively quiet. Any Ideas?

well the Art of War was pretty loud this end, dunno which maximizer your using but try adding a soft clipper just before the maximizer, such as T racks soft clipper, I wouldn’t worry too much about the loudness wars…just keep on producing good stuff, that’s what matters.

dunno anything about the surround visualization, I reckon if The Beatles can knock out St Peppers without it then I don’t need it but maybe you need it for where your productions are aimed…
I just try and knock out yer average songs… :slight_smile:

cheers. Kevin

BTW all your stuff is worth a fuller version.

Hey found out how to use some of the other VSTs :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I get some feedback on this track, it’s an ambient track for a FPS game (Loading Music)/(Menu Pause)

The link is private:

well…it’s very atmospheric for sure, perfect for a movie…production sounds excellent…nice smooth bass…Kevin :slight_smile:

thanks, I honestly didn’t know I could make these kind of sounds untill i was just playing around with some of the vst’s.
only just found out how to make good use of loops too xD

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
You’ve got some interesting ideas!
My first tip would be: dynamics. Every sound is as loud as the next. Use velocity to create some sort of buildup in your arrangement (long term) and more interesting phrases by varying loudness between notes/hits. That’s not something you get right the first time, but it makes your tracks much more organic and natural.

Keep it up!

thanks for the feed back, i’ve recently started using velocity to good effect now, I will have a new track up very soon! keep watch!