Eb Guitar Transposition

I’m working on an arrangement where one of our guitar players is playing standard tuning, but the guitar is tuned down to Eb. This would make it a transposing instrument by a 1/2 step. (Eb concert in score playback, and E Major in the part)

Is there a way to make the guitar into a transposing Instrument?

There’s no way to edit the transposition of one of the preset instruments at the moment, I’m afraid. You could choose one of the existing E flat brass or wind instruments and then change its name in Setup mode and change its playback sound in Play mode.

I’m sorry to pop in like that, but the OP would rather need an instrument in B (the guitar would be detuned of a half tone, if I understand correctly). I don’t know which instrument would do that kind of transposition.

Yes, this is correct. I was in the key of the song I was feeling with. lol


Thank you, Daniel!

Dear Timothy,
There is a horn in B (not B flat) sounds octava bassa. Exactly like a guitar (except it would not be notated in another octave, even in concert pitch, if I recall correctly). Anyway, create the player using that instrument, and change the labels and the playback instrument after the fact. You should be good then. You can even add a staff below if needed.
[Edit] I added a dummy file (replace .zip by .dorico) with only that detuned guitar. Choose your own VSTi (guitar, of course).
Guitar in B.zip (409 KB)

Wow, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this! Thanks!

Worth pointing out that there is no real established standard here. I have seen downtuned guitars notated as both sounding pitch and as a transposing instrument.