EBU R128 Loudness Recommendation

This also looks fine for only 10 ,- EUR : http://www.toneboosters.com/tb-ebuloudness/
and this one: http://www.toneboosters.com/tb-barricade/ for 15,- EUR
and another one for free: http://www.orban.com/meter/
oh yeah, and this one also for free: https://www.audiocation.de/plugin

… and if you need any batch processing of audio files, you may consider R128GAIN: http://r128gain.sourceforge.net/
writing EBU R128 parameters into metatags,
also for free !

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free, free, free…

I don’t mind paying reasonable prices for software.
I can’t afford to run all my mixes through an (early stage of development) freeware that does “something” to my mixes I cannot control. I also don’t have the time to listen to all mixes again after running them through this freeware to verify that the audio quality is still ok and the software hasn’t done any harm.
One seriously screwed up mix would make the broadcaster very unhappy.
Also I don’t want to open parallels desktop for every audio mixdown I create. (since it’s pc only)

We’ve now invested in Nugen Audios LMB and realtime metering in most studios I work in. I am only reporting what I have experienced in the last weeks.
R 128 was a big thing that could have sold a couple of updates both for Nuendo and WL, now everybody I know has solved the problem, because mixes for september are being done NOW. (at least in some cases)


We’ve now invested in > Nugen Audios LMB > and realtime metering in most studios I work in. I am only reporting what I have experienced in the last weeks.

Congratulations, this is a good investment, although a little bit expensive!

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For all the users in Austria: There is a seminar about EBU R128 in Vienna.
More Infos (in german) here: http://www.filmandmusicaustria.at/fileadmin/dateien/Lautheit.pdf

Now Steinberg have released a free R128 meter:
Free SLM 128 plug-in available
… but guess what? It doesn’t work in WL7 :astonished:

Really? I just downloaded it, but haven’t had time to test it - it works in Cubase but not in Wavelab? That’s kinda backwards, I daresay.


This is what Steinberg wrote…but I would love to have it.
PG, please help!
Cattura 2.PNG


For technical reasons the “Steinberg Loudness Metering” (SLM) 128 plug-in runs only in Nuendo 5.x or Cubase 6.5.

I can confirm what Uwe is saying. WaveLab is based on a different framework than Cubase/Nuendo sequencer programs. Nevertheless, we’re also working on a loudness solution for the next major WaveLab version.

Thanks for your understanding.


Jeez - only Steinberg - who precedes over ALL of these applications and are directly responsible for creating the VST standard - could put out a VST plug that they created and have it not work in the application most suited for it’s use. :unamused:

Guys - seriously - it’s time for a meeting to get the “frameworks” consistent across the entire suite of your audio apps.


That’s a bunch of crap… :unamused: WaveLab is a “Mastering Program”… if anyone should get this VST plug-in, it should be those who have paid for the full version of WL7. I know if you guys wanted to, you could give the VST Plug-in to PG and have him code it like the other plug-ins that come with WL and in the next update we could have it.

It sure would make up for not having a manual… but only a little… :wink:

I was going to comment further, but I decided to act like an adult and keep it to myself. Then again, I guess I just did comment. Oh, well.


This would be a great addition to Wavelab’s arsenal. Don’t worry, version 8 is closing in on us. :wink:

Yep, looking forward to 8 even more.


Seeing that WL7 was released (northern) Autumn 2010, and PG has indicated elsewhere that the past practice has been a major release about every two years. With the ‘extra time’ because the most recent ‘dot’ upgrade was last year, I suspect that R128 won’t be available (in WL8) until the middle of next year.

(I also note Sound Forge Pro 10 just passed two and a half years since its release, its video counterpart is now at 11, but there are no rumours circulating. The stereo editor market is just not as strong as in the past.)

If this is the case, we will need a solution before then.

Some alternatives have been mentioned before but not this one, I believe:


May be useful.

Looks interesting … is there a 64-bit version? (didn’t see any reference to one on the website).