echo at vocal end

I want to get the echo to appear only at the end of the vocal line.
I have seen this described before but cant find it anywhere.
Sidechain involved?
Could some kind soul tell me simply how to achieve this?


Put the echo-plugin on a F/X channel and automate the send to that channel from your vocal track.

Hi jarno,
When you say automate do you mean run through the track turning the effect on and off at the appropriate time in write mode?
Thanks mate

Think I found it here:

Thanks for the help,


Yeah I like doing that on some stuff, the vocal sidechained to it’s own delay :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re close … but no. Turning the effect on and off is a bit trickier than turning SEND on and off. Turning effect on/off was the thing we had to do during analog days with multitrack tape recorders, but in this wonderful digital world we have better control: turn the SEND FROM YOUR TRACK to the effect on places just where you want to.

Here’s the screenshot:

Or do it the Luddite way.

Make a copy of the track and put the reverb on the the copied track.

Highlight both tracks and Cntrl Key + Scissors Tool click to split them at the point you want the reverb to come in on the vocal.

Use the Mute Tool to mute the part you want to reverb on the original track. Then on the other track mute every thing other than what you want to have effected by the reverb.

Automation is great … but many times there are simpler ways to do the same thing.


Thanks como,
me mate who runs a studio told me a very similar technique.
Copy the parts of the track you want.
Put the reverb on the copy and make the reverb mix 100%