Echo/Cubase driver problems

I am using Cubase essential 4 with an Echo Audiofire 4 on a Intel quad core Mac Pro,at 266 mhz with 6G of ram.
After functioning correctly for twenty minutes or so, the audio starts progressively to break up, sometimes
silencing itself completely. Often I can resume after choosing a new buffer size(usually on the fifth or sixth attempt),
“re-choosing” the Echo driver,(although I didn’t "un-choose it),or powering off the Echo unit,then re-adding the busses in Cubase. Sometimes I have to close the file altogether. I’ve had Echo products in my Windows machines with various Cubase incarnations for many happy years, and suspect that I’m overlooking something on the Mac, because
I’ve changed platforms. Any insight would be welcome! Bob

I’m using Cubase 5 on PC, but I’ve had the exact same problem so it’s worth a shot. Which driver version are you using? I got these problems when I installed the latest version, but after I rolled back to (in my case) version 5.2.1 it solved the problem completely. Another problem might be a conflict between your firewire port and your wi-fi connection, so try disabling the wi-fi and see if that helps. :slight_smile:

  • Jan Erik

Thanks, fingerprint604! I’ll give it a shot. And I had the same problem before i set up my wireless network,but I will investigate the firewire/wireless conflict as well. B