Echo in vocals

I’ve had this problem before, but I can’t remember how I did it previously.

When I sing, my vocals are ok (flat and no effects, etc), however when I playback the vocals, there is an echo. I have no inserts or anything. I thought it was the constrain delay compensation button on the bottom left corner. But this isn’t it. I still hear the echo. Anyone know how to turn off the echo? Much appreciated.

Well, you don’t provide many details to troubleshoot from.

To help, you need to provide more information.

An “echo” … does that mean you hear the sound twice, one delayed?

Also, some information about your setup (Cubase version, audio interface, etc.) is always appreciated.

Very sorry about that. I was rushing while trying to fix the issue.
I’m running Cubase 13 with UR22C for my interface. The “echo” sounds like a latency issue, but the problem is that it never did previous versions of Cubase. I tested it with Cubase 12 and there was no echo or delay in my singing. But with Cubase 13, when I sing, I can hear myself and it’s flat (no processing going on), but when I play back, there is an echo. It only does this when I sing. I’ve got other instruments that all sound fine.
I remember a while back I had a similar issue with Cubase 7 or 8, but I can’t remember what I did to stop it. As I said in the previous message, I’ve tried to Constrain Delay Compensation, but that didn’t do anything. I’ve also tried recording with the monitor button on, but this didn’t do it. Any suggestions as to why my vocals have an echo when played back, but not when I’m singing. It seems like it has recorded it like this. There are no effects, and I’ve also checked the channel strip, and there are no effects on. I’ve changed the buffer size with 32 samples and 512 samples and also 768 samples, and they have all the same results. I really don’t know what else to do here. IF anyone can help that would be great!

First, “echo” means that you hear the vocal twice, with a small delay in between?

I don’t know if it is a slight delay. But yes I hear the vocal twice with a very small delay in between.
It’s like I’ve put in a delay effect to “widen” the vocals. But I haven’t added anything to the vocals. But playing back It’s there and it’s very noticeable.
I’m really confused with this one.

You don’t have sound coming out of speakers while recording, do you?

Yes I’ve got my backing tracks So I’m hearing everything. Is that what you mean?

If you solo and export the audio track and listen to it outside of Cubase, do you still hear the “delay”?

I’m just trying to figure out if this is something that is actually “recorded”, or if it is just a playback problem. There must be something obvious that I am missing.

(scratching head) :thinking:

Thanks for your help.

I’ve just played it back on its own, and it’s got the delay. So, it has recorded it like that! I’ll need to check the recording modes maybe? Is there anything in recording that adds a delay/echo?

Are you sure you don’t have any effects on the input channel? If so, they will be printed to the audio file while recording. If not, I’m afraid I’m out of ideas for now.

No. I’m recording it dry. This has got me stumped. I’ll keep experimenting and see what I can find.
Seeing that it has recorded it like this has got me thinking. So I’ll keep trying to work it out.
Thanks for your help.

Good luck! Bedtime for me now. I hope someone else has provided a brilliant response by the time I get back on the forums! Sorry I can’t help you :disappointed: .

No worries. Thanks for all your help. Hopefully I’ll have an answer soon.

I was wondering if the mic was picking up the sound from the speakers as well as your vocal, but then you should also hear the backing track on your vocal recording., so I guessing that’s not it.

I’m recording while using headphones.
There is something switched on when recording to give the echo/delay effect. I’m still trying to figure it out.

I’ve added a new audio track and used my input 1 (I was using input 2 for my mic inputs) and funnily enough, there is no echo / delay. It’s flat and dry. So I’ve nailed it down to my input 2 so far. So at least I can sing now and record my vocals.

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