echo the last vocal word - FX tracks

hey guys so i want to repeat the last vocal word from a phrase using delay. how do i do this using fx tracks?

what im doing now is automating the send to that fx track when the last word hits, but then it seems louder than before and has a weird delay with previous words jumbled in it.

what am i doign wrong/what do u guys usually do here?


Make sure you turn the ‘mix’ setting on the delay effect you’re using on the FX track to 100%, otherwise you’ll get some dry signal in there boosting the volume of the words you’re trying to delay.

Expand the track from which you’re sending to the fx track so you can view your automation, make sure you zoom right in and edit the envelope carefully - it sounds like you’re boosting the send to the delay a bit early, catching bits you don’t want to delay.

Check the ‘feedback’ setting on your delay plugin (how long the delays will carry on for) - things can get a bit jumbled if it’s up too high…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Cut the bit you want and paste it to a new track
Then you can do what you want with it


Ive edited the envelope so it only starts sending at that word but problem is it seems louder than before (possibly doubling) and Ive zoomed as much as i can.
i guess i can add a new track and put the delay but would rather stick to one track since its easier to reverse later on.

can u send an example screenshot of the way I should automate? cheers

If the doubling of the vocal is the only purpose of this FX track, you can easily adjust the volume of the FX track so that it blends better with the other tracks or you could also automate the volume of the FX track so that the repeated word fades out, which might produce a more natural effect (depends what you are looking for ofcourse).

Totally agree; it’s the best way to proceed and will yield the best results.


I use the Range selection tool to grab the exact piece of audio I want to work with.

I then go to Audio>Plug-ins, and chose the plug I want to use.

I can audition the sound and adjust the settings to get the timings for the echo right, then just hit process and the job is done :smiley:

I just did exactly that on a guitar break where I wanted the last note to echo to a fade, and I used the stock Ping Pong delay, simples!!!

Hope this helps,

Jim B

Absolutely concur. This is both the easiest, most flexible and least resource consuming approach.

When I want to do something like this, I usually just automate a delay with mute/unmute or on/off, whatever it is, coming in at the last word that I want to delay. Takes a bit of fiddling but works a treat.

The problem with automating ‘mute’ of an FX channel is that it is being sent the signal previous to where the OP wants the delay. That will have remaining delay from previous audio on the track because it is always sending to the delay.

Automating the ‘power’ button on the ‘send’ for that track works better when wanting exact placement send to an FX channel. And that also takes no more resources.

Just hit the ‘W’ on the channel you want delay from, and then the power button for the delay send where you want it. If you get it wrong just edit the automation on the track in the project window. Simple. :slight_smile:

Every user has different ways of doing things, and all are correct. I tend to do multiples of such delay addition to end phrases in my mixes so copying tracks is not the best way for me. BTW, I find that also sending the delay FX channel send to the vocal reverb makes the delay more pleasing. Just me tho…

That’s really interesting to know, thanks :slight_smile: What I meant above was that (I normally do this in Logic to be fair) is automate the “insert bypass” (bypassed/active) which I guess is pretty much the same as the effect on/off in Cubase? Was in a bit of a rush this morning :wink:

Yep, basically the same result. :slight_smile: