Edi Cue and Nuendo

Hi everyone,
we are looking to streamline our ADR Workflows when it comes to putting together the Cue Lists for the production, or getting a Cue List back into Nuendo. This has always been a little bit a pain in the ass to do (if it is supposed to look remotely good for production afterward)

So since Nuendo 12 can now work directly with Edi Cue I was hoping someone on the forum has tried it and what your thought on this collaboration are.
Is it worth it? Is it working properly? Are there more benefits then just the List Management I could get out of it?

Thanks for your opinions,

Use it all of the time for ADR.
I love it. Looks great. Impresses clients.
Worth every penny.


Thanks Fredo,
I am trying it right now. You sure have to get used to it.

How do you go about the CUE-IDs when you insert CUEs after you send out the first list to production without changing the numbers after the inserted Cue? This I just can’t figure out right now. The manual does not help too much in that regard unfortunately.

Not sure I understand the question.
From what I understand as Cue ID is for example a character that is named Agnes of which her “short” name is AGN.
Then when you create a Cue list, her cues are AGN001, AGN002, etc …

Long answer short, I don’t care.
When changes appear, I send out new Cue lists “DocVers: V02” whith the updated cues.

I assume you use this in another way, so please elaborate.


Ah ok… yes I like to have the cue IDs stay the same for each iteration of the list.

AGN001 - “Hi there”
AGN002 - “I am Agnes.”
AGN003 - “Who are you?”

then I want to put a new cue in between but not change the other IDs so the communication with production about a certain cue ID stays the same.

AGN001 - “Hi there”
AGN001A - “Sorry for interrupting.”
AGN002 - “I am Agnes.”
AGN003 - “Who are you”

This is how I usually do it. But if this cannot be achieved it’s not a big los I assume.

Thanks anyway.

Hi Hendrik,

Don’t thing EdiCue can do this.
A solution might be that you create an extra character “AGNES Additional” for this type of stuff.

That being said, I stick with the procedure that any conversation between people who work on the same project always include Video Version number and BITC.

So communicating changes always needs to be in this format:

Short Movie_V05
01:10:22:45 - Extra Line of Agnes - “Sorry For interrupting”.

Except for professional production companies, I don’t think I ever worked on a project where there wasn’t some kind of miscommunication because someone worked/viewed a different version of the movie, and/or when no Timecode was mentioned.