Edirol PCR-800 Midi Learn

Hi everyone,

I have the Edirol PCR-800 midi controller keyboard but Roland did not make a driver for Windows 10 so I learnt on the internet how to hack the driver to get it to work. But my PCR software Editor doesn’t work although my keyboard is okay.

Anyway, in Device Set up under Generic Remote I can MIDI learn what faders and pans do what, except all my faders come up as address 17 and all my pans (Control knobs) come up as address 16. If I midi learn a synth and use Fader 1 as the volume then fader 2 will do the volume as well. All the faders have address 17 and all pans come up as address 16.

Do you think it is time to buy a new keyboard mdi keyboard controller?

I’ve been looking at the Alesis VI61 Keyboard Controller, Novation LaunchKey 61 MK2 MIDI Controller Keyboard, and the Akai Advance 61 MIDI Keyboard Controller but people say the keys are hard to push down. The Alexis is top of my list at the moment.


Use some MIDI Monitor application to test, what values are really sent.

Thanks Martin. I downloaded MIDI-OX and it seems my keyboard is faulty. The sliders and pans did give some readings then stopped working. It’s a shame I did mot figure out how to read the addresses while it worked, I would have liked to have seen if the sliders and pans had different values.

My keyboard is okay, it just needed setting up/ programming.